• 806 operator touch screen – English/Spanish quick select
  • Resolver based crankshaft and position with graphic and numeric display
  • Sets and displays stroking speed for variable speed presses
  • Intelligent diagnostics
  • Storage and quick recall of up to 1000 jobs
  • Six – 2000 strokes/min working range
  • Dual limit stopping time performance (brake) monitor
  • Clutch engagement time monitor
  • Automatic top stop compensation for variable speed presses
  • Twelve configurable part counter groups driven by stroke or sensors that count actual parts into a bin
  • Access control to prevent unauthorized changes
  • 5100-5 Programmable Limit Switch modules provide up to 96 pls channels with tracking inputs and gagging die function capability
  • 512x die protection modules provide up to 80 digital die protection inputs that fully integrate with gagging and part tracking
  • 5100-8 Tonnage and analog signal module provides two or four channels of tonnage and signature monitoring and four general use analog channels
  • 5100-14 auto setup module automatically sets press shut height and counterbalance and cushion pressures on recall for die changes
  • Serial feed interface, modbus interface, and other communication options to integrate press and automation
  • LinkNet 3 – shop floor data collection connection ready
  • Up to four safety relay outputs for interface with automation
  • Part tracking and highly-configurable gagging with sequence lengths up to 256 strokes
  • Custom packaging options for modules and operator terminal

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