We’ve Got Answers to Your Pressing Questions

To help our customers ensure that their press production systems operate over the long haul, we’ve included answers to some common press production system questions.

Can I get schematics and documentation of my old controls?

Yes, almost all of the documentation is available and can be purchased at a minimal cost.

Can I purchase replacement components for my older controls?

Yes, most components are available and are manufactured in our facility in Nashville, Tennessee.

I’m in need of an updated press control, how do I go about getting this accomplished?

The quickest way is to contact the Dealer Representative in your territory and set up an appointment. If you are unsuccessful contacting the representative, please call our main number at 615-833-4168 and request to speak to sales. You’ll be assisted promptly in your request.

Are there service technicians available to assist with troubleshooting an issue I’m having?

Link is staffed with two dedicated Service Technicians, standing by to assist. Simply call 615-833-4168 and request to speak to a Service Technician.

How fast can I get a replacement Circuit Board for my control?

In most cases, we can ship you a replacement circuit board for next-day delivery.

Why do you need so much information about my press to give me a quote?

Every press has a number of subsystems that vary widely across manufacturers and age, so we engineer our controls specifically for your press.

Still have questions?

Link’s dedicated customer support team can be reached at 615-833-4168 to direct your questions to the appropriate party.