Pioneers in the Press Industry

Since 1972, we’ve been building an industry that helps build other industries.

Beginning in the earliest days of OSHA requirements for mechanical presses, we've led the way on innovation in press controls, light curtain safety devices, and related devices for five decades strong.

Today, there are over 14,000 LINK products (some since the 1970s) meeting our customers’ press production system needs — from press automation to shop floor information storage and retrieval, and much more.

A History of Link Innovation

Designed one of the first light curtain safety devices sold in the U.S., the Model 301 Link-Lite.
Introduced a standalone time-based brake monitor for existing press controls and the SS501, the first solid-state control that also incorporated a brake monitor.
In response to industry shifts toward increased productivity and automation requirements for press production systems, Link designed and introduced the first fully-integrated, microprocessor-based electronic control system that combined multiple press control functions: the OmniLink 5000 Press Control.
Debuted the Black Max Light Curtain, featuring a smaller cross section and more application flexibility than the previous model, the 302 Link-Lite.
Introduced another first in integrated press controls, the OmniLink 5100, which incorporated distributed processing for multiple press and automation control functions over high-speed cable connections, offering nearly unlimited flexibility.
Introduced LinkNet 3, a shop floor data collection platform that put our customers’ entire stamping operation at their fingertips.