• Up to 96 PLS channels added in banks of eight
  • Solid state or electromechanical outputs available
  • Channels can be restricted for machine-related settings that don’t change with the job
  • Flexible outputs allow sequencing of automation with press stroking, such as transfer systems, feeds, parts ejection, and other applications
  • Complete diagnostics for reduced downtime
  • Inputs can be used for checking the results of outputs
  • Operates at speeds up to 2000 strokes per minute
  • When used with the 5100-AMC-Servo, fully supports complex press cycles, including the ability to fire only on particular steps
  • Speed-advanced outputs support applications with mechanical reaction times, such as feed roll release
  • Supports gagging and part tracking, including when used with complex servo press cycles

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Why Link

As the first to fully integrate tonnage monitoring, die protection, PLS, and press control into a cohesive system, Link has paved the way for metalformers to easily track all systems and functions on the press shop floor.

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