• Four strain Link connections for use on two or four channel machines
  • Displays forward and reverse tonnage for each channel, plus the total
  • Enables user to enter total capacity derating curve for distance off bottom
  • Provides high, low, and reverse peak limits to be set for each channel
  • Each channel can employ up to four additional “data window” limits for monitoring complex tonnage waveforms
  • Reference graph can be stored with each job for easy comparison
  • Tonnage signature captured and displayed in real-time
  • Signature view allows zoom, pan, and readout of angle and tonnage
  • Integrates with gagging and part tracking
  • Tonnage limits adapt for specific strokes of a gagging sequence
  • When used with the 5100-AMC-SERVO, supports complex servo motions
  • Low limits can be automatically bypassed when in setup mode
  • Allows energy used per stroke by the tooling to be displayed
  • Optional four channels of flexible analog inputs for analog process monitoring

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Why Link

As the first company to successfully integrate tonnage monitoring with press controls, along with die protection and PLS, Link has paved the way for metalformers to easily track all systems and functions on the press shop floor. And because we manufacture and conduct R&D in-house, we can develop custom hardware upon request at a competitive price.

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