• Fast and easy access via standard fieldbus to complete press production system (iot)
  • Allows line controls to send out job settings to multiple presses
  • Provides the communications portal for press lines to communicate with robotics, transfers, and all kinds of auxiliary equipment
  • OT806 terminals can support modbus RTU connections on up to four serial ports at the same time with independent settings, including baud rate and id, and up to four simultaneous modbus tcp connections over ethernet
  • OT805 terminals, 1200 tonnage monitors, and 2600 PLS & die protection units can support one modbus RTU connection over a serial port and one modbus tcp connection over ethernet (if optional communication board is installed)
  • Modbus RTU connections offer settable reply delay to support gateways or converters
  • Quick troubleshooting of connections with extensive diagnostic counters that show the activity on the connection, including number of messages received, messages sent, exception responses, and more

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