Giving You a Clear Production Picture

Modern industry relies on manufacturing data to make informed decisions. Link’s shop floor data collection system, LinkNet 3, provides you with the historical and real-time information you need to get the most out of your operation.

Link’s intelligent shop floor data collection can help you:

  • Access OEE statistics in industry-standard reporting formats
  • Track production metrics, such as parts and scrap produced
  • Analyze processes to identify and rectify common downtime occurrences
  • Track machine and tool usage for scheduled maintenance
  • View historical events such as alarms, faults, and other diagnostic information
  • Network your existing Link equipment (in most cases) without new hardware
  • Network other production equipment such as welders, tube benders, roll formers and presses without Linkequipment, via the 805-8 machine monitor for complete shop floor coverage
  • Store and recall jobs to the network for virtually unlimited job storage
  • View real-time shop floor dashboard for machine status
  • Access your shop floor information from a web browser
  • Store and view tonnage waveforms
  • Easily integrate with other software systems based on Microsoft SQL Server
  • Access historical tonnage data to analyze tool wear
  • Network presses and other production equipment in just your plant or across multiple locations

Link’s shop floor data collection technology is the result of decades of engineering research and development aimed at giving our customers a single window to view their entire press production process.

Shop Floor Data Collection Products

View our shop floor data collection options below to learn how we can engineer a highly configurable system to meet your present and future production needs.

Stand-alone device that integrates your existing production equipment, such as welders, tube benders, roll formers, or presses without Link controls into LinkNet 3.
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Get detailed monitoring of your entire shop floor operation.
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