Light Curtain Solutions That Go Beyond Compliance

Without extensive downtime or lost man hours due to injuries, a safe press shop is a productive one. Plus, OSHA fines can seriously cut into your operation's bottom line. In addition to improving press system productivity via engineered press and automation controls that are designed to comply with all OSHA, ANSI, and other safety standards, we also offer additional, cost-effective press solutions to ensure safety is always a given.

With hands-on safety compliance guidance from Link engineers, our press safety solutions can help you:

  • Protect Your Employees
  • Improve Efficiency by Providing Safer Access for Manual Machine Maintenance
  • Maximize Your Work Area Visibility With Fewer Obstructions From Traditional Safety Equipment
  • Reduce Costly Shutdowns Due to Ambient Light, Strobe Lights, and Weld Flashes
  • Increase Operational Flexibility and Response Time with Vari-Blank and Fixed-Blanking Capabilities
  • Detect Personnel Standing Inside the Primary Sensing Field Area With Remote Segments

Link designed one of the industry’s first light curtain safety devices and pioneered OSHA-mandated solid-state controls and diverse redundancy. On a bi-monthly basis, our engineers provide in-depth safety seminars on how to meet OSHA requirements for power presses and press brakes.

Safety Light Curtains Products

View our press safety products below to learn how we can help you protect personnel from point-of-operation hazards and stay OSHA-compliant while increasing productivity.

Our compliant and control-reliable press safety solutions can prevent costly accidents and fines while protecting your personnel from point-of-operation hazards.
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