Unify Your Press Line

For applications that can take advantage of press synchronization, this technology can help realize the maximum productivity of your presses. Press Synchronization Technology allows two or more presses to run in continuous mode with lock-step motion, in effect, tying the crankshafts together.

Link’s Press Synchronization automatically controls your most critical press systems, so you can:

  • Maximize the Speed of the Production Process
  • Reduce Clutch/Brake Wear Relative to Applications Running in Auto Single Stroke or Continuous-On-Demand
  • Do More With Less: Use Two or More Existing Presses to Run Jobs Typically Done on Larger Transfer Presses
  • Synchronize Presses of Dissimilar Design

With over 200 combined years of control experience in the metalforming industry, our team will custom-engineer and build the right solution for your press production system, whether simple or sophisticated. Link will provide industry-leading support to ensure it brings value to your operations for years to come.

Press Synchronization Product

View our press synchronization product below to learn how we can engineer you a highly configurable system to meet your present and future production needs.

Automatically synchronize presses to help realize the maximum productivity of your process.
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