Learn How Intelligent Press and Automation Controls Drive Efficiency and Productivity

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Real-Time Window into Pressroom Operations Is Essential With Growth in Connectivity and Data

Intelligent press and automation controls give manufacturers a real-time window into how their press production systems run in a safe and efficient integrated stamping operation. These controls will become increasingly important with growth in automation and robotics, IOT connectivity, and shop floor data collection.

This white paper explains how intelligent press and automation controls can address press production system requirements to:

  • Reduce changeover time by recalling previously stored job settings
  • Monitor and protect presses and dies and reduce scrap
  • Reduce downtime with intelligent diagnostics
  • Integrate your auxiliary equipment where possible
  • Offer on-screen help for set up of functions
  • Identify productivity issues via shop floor data collection
  • Allow additional functionality as production demands change or increase

These powerful controls can be customized to increase the overall performance of press production systems. Ultimately, they result in longer product life, less stressful operations, and room to grow a stamping operation.

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