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SS-501 Solid State Clutch/Brake Controller

The SS-501 incorporates modular solid-state control technology, allowing for the expansion of a system with your options.  This affordable system will help bring you into compliance with OSHA.   A proven design, with over 10,000 units shipped, the SS-501 has been installed as original equipment on almost every brand of Mechanical Power Press sold in the US and Canada.  Even so, custom retrofits of controls onto older presses constitutes the bulk of LINK's SS-501 sales.  That ease of customization is one of the SS-501's best features, and a benefit enjoyed by LINK customers the world over. 

Control Reliability - meets all OSHA 1910.217(b) and ANSI B11.1 requirements
Self diagnostics via LED readout panel.
Time based brake monitoring with stop time readout standard.
Custom built-to-order for your particular application with the motor controls and options and accessories you need - valves, cam switches, etc.
Can be built into a variety of enclosures, from simple machine mount, to free standing, to consoles, to pendant stations, and more.
Rugged, industrial design for a typical stamping environment.
Inch, Single Stroke, Continuous standard. Other modes available as options.
Models for press-brake applications are available.

Have it YOUR way...

... with the options YOU need

Some of The Available Options

Optional Circuit Boards
  • 501-8A Opto- Inverter (w/auxiliary top stop, auxiliary cycle stop)
  • 501-9 Auto shutdown timer (energy saver)
  • 501-16 First Stroke anti tie-down timer
  • 501-17 Timed Inch
  Motor Controls
  • Across the line starters for main motor and all auxiliary press motors
  • Interface with existing eddy current controllers and other variable speed drives
  • Solid State Soft Start
  • Interface to D.C. motor controls
Optional Interface Circuits
  • Hydraulic Overload
  • Existing lube circuits
  • Flywheel Brakes
  Enclosure Options
  • NEMA 12 wall mount
  • NEMA 12 floor mount
  • Consoles and Consolettes
  • Operator controls in remote MOS
Operator Stations
  • Run bars
  • Run bars with mounting brackets
  • Run bars on column and base
  • Run bars with heavy duty industrial connectors
  • Discrete buttons with mounting boxes.
  • Run bars can be pre-wired with multi-conductor cable
  Air Controlling equipment
  • 3/4" dual-solenoid air valve with integral Electro-Pneumatic monitor
  • 1-1/4" size 12 dual air valve with integral Electro-Pneumatic monitor
  • Filter-Regulator-Lubricator
  • L-O-X valve for lockout/tag-out
  • valves for flywheel brakes, etc. 
Other Options
  • Flange mount disconnect
  • Counters with key reset
  • Counters for batch control
  • Die block plug and receptacles
  • Auto top stop angle compensation for variable speed presses ( via the System 2500 and 4 position Rotary Cam Switch

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