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OmniLink 5000-10 Auto Setup Module

The OmniLink Auto Setup Module allows automatic adjustment of such press systems as air counterbalances, air cushions, air operated hydraulic overloads, and slide adjustment systems to greatly reduce setup time for different jobs, and to help ensure that  these systems are adjuested correctly for different jobs.

By setting the pressure automatically when a job is recalled, the OmniLink 5000 assures that the pressure is correct for the tooling used.  This not only reduces machine maintenance, but increases safety and speeds up job setup tremendously.  In addition, the Auto Setup module sets the correct pressure for each die, rather than an approximate pressure for  range of die weights.

Quick Die change is becoming increasingly important to maintaining a competitive edge.  By controlling up to four die cushions automatically, the OmniLink 5000 can shorten die change and assure a correct setup in the least amount of time.

When a shut height control module is provided, the OmniLink 5000 can provide accurate, repeatable shut height adjustment, thereby enhancing parts quality and reducing setup time.  This system uses the existing slide adjust  motor starter, and either a rotary or a linear position transducer supplied by LInk to give slide postion information to the control.

Figure 1 (click to enlarge)

Figure 1 shows a component layout of a typical counterbalance adjust system with the auto setup valve installed.  The valve is comprised of the components shown inside the dashed line.  An integrated Fill/Dump valve with a manual regulator, a L-O-X (lockout/tag-out) valve, and a four-way valve that selects whether the pressure is set by the automatic system or the manual regulator is shown.  This valve is suitable for either counterbalance or die cushion applications.  In the event of electrical power being shut down to the control, the valve automatically reverts to at least the pressure set by the manual regulator.  Set properly, this regulator will keep the system charged to support the weight of the die.

Figure 2 (click to enlarge) Figure 2 shows a typical slide adjust system without the automatic setup feature, and then again with the setup control added into the slide motor control circuit.

What Are The Benefits Of:

Counterbalance Control?
Decreases the worst case stopping time
Takes up bearing clearances before the die closes at bottom of stroke
Helps maintain constant gear tooth contact in geared machines
Causes less total energy to be used by the press
Increases the life of the clutch and brake
Increases drive motor live by reducing peak motor currents

Die Cushion Control?
Shortens die change and assures accurate setup

Shut Height Control?
Assures quick and accurate setups to increase productivity with either linear or rotary transducer

Hydraulic Overload Control?
Can control the trip point to not only protect the machine but also protect the tooling on each job

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