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OmniLink 5000 Press and Automation Controller

The OmniLink 5000 Press and Automation Control brings a new dimension to mechanical power press  production systems - the dimension of affordable total integrated process control through intelligent, microprocessor based technology designed to increase productivity, safety, parts quality, production information, and machine and tooling uptime.  The OmniLink 5000 construction is modular, allowing optional hardware for various instrumentation and control functions to be inserted in the controller rack.  It is designed to be mounted in the same enclosure that houses motor controls and other electrical controls.  The OmniLink 5000 controller can provide the needed flexibility to gain stamping  process advantages for manually fed pressews, automaically fed press systems, and presses integrated into production cells. 

For a tour through some OmniLink features and typcial screens, click here

The following functions can be provided by the OmniLink 5000

  • Clutch/Brake Control
  • Programmable Limit Switch for sequencing press auxiliary systems and automation
  • Press Auxiliary Systems Control
  • Automation Interfacing and Monitoring
  • Die Protection/Process Monitoring
  • Signature and Tonnage Monitoring
  • Job Storage for 500 production setups with the new OmniLink II color OIT. (unlimited with LinkNet network system). 
  • Automatic Setup of Counterbalance, Die Cushions, and Shut Height. 

The OmniLink 5000 provides clutch/brake logic and control interface logic for auxiliary press system (i.e., hydraulic overloads, flywheel brakes, variable speed controls for press flywheel/stroking speed, lube systems, etc.).  Also easily configured for multiple operator stations, and for a variety of dual air valves. 

At LINK, we know that unscheduled "downtime" is simply unacceptable.   The OmniLink 5000 offers a level of  diagnostics and troubleshooting previously unseen in the metalforming industry.  When and if problems occur, we have designed the OmniLink 5000 to help you get your production process up and going as quickly as possible.  The reason for last stop, and present running status are clearly displayed on the OIT screen. Error messages are in clear English language (or Spanish) as opposed to error codes that must be deciphered.   User definable inputs are provided for Top Stop, Cycle Stop, and Master Stop so that if a stop condition exists at one of these inputs, a message of your choice is displayed. 

  Standard Stroking Modes
  • Inch
  • Timed Inch
  • Single Stroke
  • Continuous

  •   Optional Stroking Modes (easily configured)
  • Bar
  • Automatic Single Stroke
  • Continous on Demand
  • Operator Maintained Continuous
  • Figure 1 (click to enlarge)
    Dual Stop Time (Brake) Monitor Clutch Engagement Monitor.  Displays stopping time limits and actual stopping time limits on operator screen, and prevents successive strokes in the event of an over limit stopping time. 
    Figure 2 (click to enlarge)

    Complies with all OSHA and ANSI construction and functional requirements.  Control reliability is accomplished via two separately powered microprocessor systems performing independently and cross-checking each other.  If either systems fails, the control will issue a stop signal and prevent successive strokes of the press until the failure is corrected.  All critical clutch/brake logic is stored in eprom memory. 

    OmniLink 5000 Press & Automation Control Features

      high contrast color display
      on screen messages
      enhanced graphics
      graphic & numeric display
      Spanish & English
      12 counters
      English & metric parameter display
      user entered job notes
      stores & recalls 500 jobs
      reference tonnage waveforms
      user defined access codes
      enhanced diagnostics
      preventative maintenance software
      PLC interface
      MUCH more........

    Additionally, LINK can supply all motor controls for the press in the same enclosure as the OmniLink controller rack to provide a compact, consolidated control system.  Contact LINK Systems to find out more about the many options we can offer in custom panel fabrication. 

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