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The LINK MultiSet is a setup controller for counterbalance, shutheight, and feed adjustment, which produces quick, repeatable setups that reduce job changeover time and errors. 

MultiSet Screen
  • Setpoints for the counterbalance are entered by pressure or upper die weight
  • Shutheight setpoints are entered in either inches or millimeteres
  • Separate fault and status messages for the counterbalance and shutheight
  • Select values use a large easy to read font.
Feed Interface Screen
  • All feed information (speed, accel, feed-length) is stored on a job-by-job basis
  • Feed information is automatically sent to the feed during job recall enabling faster setup times

Counters Screen
  • Part, Batch, Quality, Stroke, and Scrap.
  • Scrap counter to track out-of-tolerance parts; increasing the scrap count decreases the part count.
  • Scrap rate indicates % of rejected partts for enhanced production planning.

Job Storage/Recall Screen
  • Job storage capacity for 250 jobs.
  • Jobs are stored by number and description.
  • Recall by job jnumber or from list.

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